After marriage iam not acting filim: Actress Namitha Pramod


Kochi: Actress Namitha Pramod has said that her name is unnecessarily dragged into controversies and problems in the film industry. Before reporting about someone, you should investigate its accuracy. It is not right to claim that Gossip is a part of the case with the narrative. First, there was tension. Why God is thinking of dragging me to this point. But the support given by my family and relatives is huge, “said Namitha.
When some issues arise in the film industry, my name is dragged into news, and everything is happening around the world to the media. They should definitely have a sense of justice, “said Namitha.
Namitha says she will retire after her marriage. “I did not start thinking about the wedding. If you get married, you should look at courtesy. Take care of home affairs. I think you can think of it as mature. It will mature once a year or more. ‘
“There is no plan to think about the future. He will do a few more movies. Then marry. Then the family will look and see. There is no compromise on study. After marriage, it is less likely to act in the movie. It’s safe to stay home peacefully. That’s my basic character. Mother is the foundation of the family. I grew up by my mother. His mother’s life was for us. I want to be a good housewife. This is my only comment. – said the uncle.
Namitha plays the role of Professor Dinken. Namitha is the fifth film with Dileep. Namitha is the heroine of Dileep’s cinematography


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