Vehicle inspection: Digital records That’s enough


If you forget to have original documents in vehicle travel, you do not even have to get a license. Just keep the records digitally. Digilaker, MP Transfer will accept digital documents stored in mobile applications with legal validity. The state police chief issued a circular demanding that the registrar should be considered as the authorized signatory for the creation of the paperless digital system.

Vehicle owner, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate and insurance certificate should be provided for inspection when required by law enforcement officers under Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989. However, the digitized version of the digitized copy of the digitized copy of the digitally installed copy of the document under the IT Act is enough to be shown. No need to abstain from copying the original copy or paper copy. Digital lockers can be utilized to show or share the kind of documents when they are needed without loading them into paper form. Those who have set up a diviler application in mobile phone, tab lets, etc. can show the documents when they need it.


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