Adolescent sexual contact: What can happen if there is no criminal offense?


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has dismissed IPC 497 as criminal charge against adultery. The democratic world is in the analysis that it is the last of a karis law. Adult individuals, even if they are after marriage, have a criminal offense to have a criminal offense to do so.

But according to the Supreme Court order, adultery is not a criminal offense. But it can be observed that it is not a crime. The court’s verdict is still to be considered as a reason for divorce.

Adult sexual relationships may sometimes result in divorce. Other times, it can even cause suicide. Then there are some legal issues too. What are the other things that can be contained even if the IPC 497 is canceled in our country where there are separate marriages for each religion?

If a person commits suicide, commit to the suicide of a spouse. Even when adultery is not a criminal offense, such a person may face legal action. Being guilty of committing suicide is to be charged. It can not be a matter of time when adultery is not a criminal offense.

Whether in Criminal Law or Civil Law, the Supreme Court has committed a criminal offense to adultery. But marriages in our country do not come under the purview of criminal laws. Each religious denomination has separate marriages. Therefore, the new order does not apply in terms of marriages.

The Hindu Marriage Act, according to the Hindu Marriage Act, is one of the reasons for divorce. Appeal for divorce by asking a spouse if the spouse is clear that he or she is engaged in sexual relations with another according to his will. If the allegation is proved, the court will accept divorce.

The Muslim Marriage Act states that the Muslim Marriage Act does not specifically mention any kind of adultery. But according to Section 2 (7) of this, any kind of cruelty towards the wife is mentioned as a reason for divorce. According to Islamic law (Lian), if a man claims to have a woman as adultery with a woman, it may be possible for a divorce. The Allahabad High Court has stated in the order that it is not permissible to do so.

The Christian Marriage Law The Christian marriage law is also a problem for adultery. The Christian Marriage Act indicates that if a spouse has a unborn marriage, it is one of the main reasons for divorce.

Parsi Marriage Law Parsi Marriage is not the same thing. A wife or a husband can apply for divorce by sponsoring a spouse’s spouse. But there is another. Marriage has to be found within two years to apply for divorce.


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