Notice when the children are sitting on the front seat


What most people do is to keep the kids in the car at the forefront of the car, either in lonely or in lap. In doing so, we have to call back even the dangers that may be missed.

The injury to the violinist  and his family is one of the worst ever. The death of the unborn baby and the more sorrow. Perhaps the reason for this accident is the loss of the baby’s life and the lack of attention of adults. Reports say that he was sitting in a lap of Toyota’s Innova’s car in the lap of his daughter. The victim also suffered serious injuries when he was on the premise of Balabhaskar and Driver. Innova is a no-confidence vehicle in safety features. Perhaps the three lives have been saved because of the safety of the car.

In accidents and unexpected developments, children are more prone to risk than adults. Children’s body and mind are more likely to have abstinence or lose life. In addition, children may not be as elderly as possible to think about how to protect themselves when accidents occur.

Many of the trips do not wear seat belts. There are people who find pride from the prerogative to avoid seat belt. When a seatbelt is placed in the lap in the lap of the child, the risk for the child is increased. The baby is not too close with the front glass (windshield), the dashboard, and the distance in the accident and the time to throw them away. What if the baby is wearing a belt on the lap? Just like all of the cars that do not have an airbag. In airbags, children have suffered suckings when the bag is inflated.

Children should not be alone in the pre-school. In some countries it is punishable for up to 12 years to be placed at the front seat. The boy is lesser than you. If an adult’s head is dropped in most windshields, the head of the child is in the dashboard level. This adds to the intensity of danger. Do not let the child sit on the seatbelt in the preceding seat. It should be understood that the material is not designed for height or comfort.

Older children should not be allowed to sit on the front seat, except for big rides and citadel. Many people are saying that children often do not want to be behind. But remember that calling is a great danger


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