Saudi nationalisation are strong enough: fines of many expatriates have been fined


Four sectors were started by the government on September 11. This is the first phase of emigration in the 12 regions. Examination is in textile, vehicle sales and home appliances. The presence of officials in Riyadh, Jeddah, Khaseem, Makkah and Madina is the most important presence. They were fined a day for various institutes under the leadership. Some companies have photographed the warning. According to the Ministry of Labor, it would be impossible for them if they are not hired. According to the figures released by the Ministry of Labor, over 7,000 institutions have completed their inspection. It has found that about 4,000 companies have followed the rules. Yesterday alone more than 100 institutions were fined across the country. Fines can range from five thousand to twenty five thousand in fine. If temporarily closed companies have completed the rules and opened the shop, they can open the shop. Announcements in four areas will affect around 12 lakh employees.


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