Navya Nair believes that the court verdict


“I have gone to Sabarimala at my young age. I still remember those old beliefs. So, according to the custom, he will enter the Sabarimala, “said Naira Nair in Thrissur. Meanwhile, the court also ruled that the court accepted the verdict.

The court explained that the women are not bigger or smaller than men. The court also explained that everyone should get equal rights in the constitution and that the Constitution can only be accepted.

Navya Nair told the media that Sabarimala was at the age of six at the age of 6. In the Sabarimala, the Supreme Court has given a death sentence to all women entrants. The Supreme Court observed that Ayaapa devotees can not be considered as separate category. The court also pointed out that the discrimination on the condition of the physically challenged persons is unconstitutional.


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