Male man and womanhood. This is the basic rule of nature. It is important that men are stronger than strength. It’s mentally and physically strong. There are some major problems that can trigger men’s perfection. Some important issues faced by sex life.Erectile dysfunction and fast penetration are all of this. It is best to avoid artificial drugs.Because these are ways to do more harm than good. Ayurveda is the solution for many male problems. Very simple medications are often helpful for a healthier life and to increase the body’s strength. According to Ayurveda, there are some special ways to recover the vagrants and to suggest Ayurveda for male problems. These are precisely done not only by providing many health benefits but also for strengthening the body’s strengths. Not too difficult medications. But that’s exactly what we do.

Learn about some of the special guidelines in Ayurveda for male issues, the most natural ways. Emergencies and vermin are the issues that many men are facing. There are some ways to suggest Ayurveda. One of these is a double-sweet one. Double sweetened powdered 1 teaspoon of honey and ghee and half a teaspoon of each meal is not only for erectile dysfunction but also for sodium production.

Prepare the rice spoon of raisins with rice and add 4 to 5 teaspoon rice and add sugar. Solve the sperm. Capacity will also be available.

Add half a teaspoon of minced milk and minced lamb into a glass of milk, add half a teaspoon of cooked powders and mash. This should be reduced to a glass of little heat. Drink 1 glass before you lie down. If you do it a little, you will get the benefit.

Take 4 teaspoon grams and sprinkle it with half a teaspoon of honey and ghee in the night before draining the milk. This is also a good way.

Amma is a medication that deals with menstruation in milk. Add 4 glasses of water to a glass of milk and 1 teaspoon of powdered batter and 1 cup of boiled water to drain at night. Sperm deficiency and residue are good medicine.

Avocado can be drank in the milk, asparagus, ginger, gram, thrips, half a teaspoon of asparagus, dogs, gram and thorns. This is good for women.

Red onion is a medication that helps in the preparation of red onions. Add the red chilli powder and cook water. When this is cooled down, add honey and chilli powder, add caramayo and cardamom and sprinkle each morning every morning. It also increases the number of sperms.

Fenugreek. The fenugreek is boiled in milk and added to the calf. The milk is boiled and boiled in the form of coconut. Fenugreek seeds are good for bite and chewing. Fenugu helps to control multiple health problems and increase blood circulation. Erectile dysfunction is a way of suggesting a lifestyle for the ejaculation problems.

The figs are another way of suggesting Ayurveda for male problems. Dried figs are boiled in milk and boiled over to the tomatoes. This is good for better excitement and mood enhancement.

Adding cardamom to the cardamom is also beneficial. It is beneficial to have a teaspoon of honey in two milk powder in boiling milk and boiled in milk.

A dream is a mess that makes men feel confident in many men. If you are sleeping in the semen without going to sleep, you can get a good dose of this medicine and drink 100 grams of water everyday.

Harvesting bananas Mens in many ways Dried potato and ashagandha take equal to 12 hours of cow’s milk and keep it in the milk for 2 hours before bedtime. Getting rid of the milk in the milk is twice as beneficial as possible. Take 42 nuts of raisins, carrots, 5 grams of maize and 100 grams of honey and calcium powder for a week. After that you can spend the whole day in the morning and evening.


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