Today is a heart disease.make your heart happy


A healthy human heart is beaten 70-80 times per minute. Depending on the various factors, the volume can increase and decrease. This is the defining instrument of blood transfusions to all parts of the human body. Therefore, any disorder that results in the functioning of the heart affects the functioning of the body’s entire organs. In the world’s heart day, find out what is good food and exercise to preserve your heart

  • Let’s start with very young
    The responsibility of parents is to educate the child about the importance of cardiovascular care. Now a person can take care of his heart during childhood …. The important thing is to follow good habits. Importance of good food, fresh air, pediatric exercises for body and motivation to avoid tobacco products are important. It is good to follow this method to monitor the BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol. It is good to avoid the fat, cholesterol, and sugar mashed potatoes to keep our body healthy. Encourage children to participate in sports, such as cricket, football or swimming.

  • laugh out loud
    Studies have shown that laughter is good for the heart. Studies have also shown that it prevents a stroke of a heart attack. According to the American Heart Association study, laughter reduces our stress hormones and facilitates blood flow to blood vessels.
  • Reduce the salt intake
    According to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the use of salt is reduced to an average of ½ t Spoon per day, which is good for cardiac health. Stay away from the food in hotels, especially for their favorite fast food dishes. Salt is used excessively as part of the taste.
  • Make more of your diet like nuts
    Including almonds such as almonds, walnuts, and nuts can help keep your heart healthy, fat, protein and fiber. If these foods are included in the diet, the risk of heart attack is reduced.
  • Have dark chocolate
    We have all heard the childhood of chocolate is not good. But the dark chocolates have a good role in maintaining the health of the heart. They help to treat blood vessels. The dark chocolate also has many other advantages.
  • Exercise regularly
    Exactly exercising will prevent a heart attack. Anything that can happen, swim, or running It is essential for good health to keep the exercise 30-45 minutes a day for at least five days a week.
  • Stand up and walk around
    Studies have shown that your burden will be more or less, and the longer it will take to lower your life. Make sure that those sitting on the job are getting up at regular intervals.


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