Hat trick Dibala !! Juventus continues to be a success


The Argentinean batsman Dumbala became the hero’s best player in the competition. Today, the second match of the Champions League group stage, Yuvantes, Ronaldo has been the top seed. Three goals against Young boys have been won by Yuvraj. The hat-trick of DBalala has brought this unilateral victory to the youngster.


In the fifth minute of the game, Debala made his first goal. Dibala’s finish was from a long pass with Bonauji. Debala scored again in the 33rd minute of the game. Dipala’s second goal was to tap into the net when the youngster’s shot was caught by the Yangboss keeper. .

The hat-trick finished in the 69th minute with the assassination of Kodrado. This is the first time since the Vidal Harit break in 2013, a youngster has won a hat-trick in the Champions League. Two wins by two wins are in the top of the group. The two boys who lost the Young boys have failed.


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