Amala Calling .. To see alone



Are you in Dubai? Amala Paul is here now. I have to go straight to Insragram. If you have a video of Amala’s profile and tagged your friends then you will have an opportunity to get a private eye view of Amala! The actress has posted the video for that unexpected guest.


Amala was not seen in Malayalam after being impressed with other languages. Recently, Adayi came up with an adorable glamorous Tamil film. The body is wounded, the clothes are pulled off, the shock made by the first look of the attack was not so small. The actress has come up with another movie ‘Rakshasan’. Release is tomorrow. Amala is the main character of Zainu in Blessy’s film Aadi Life.

Do not worry if you’re fortunate or fortunate to have a chance for that special meeting. Amala will be seen at Dubai Tier City Center at 8 pm Today.


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