Higher posts will also Saudi Nationalization; Training has already begun


The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare has revealed that higher Saudi firms will be exempted from their work. The IT, ACCOUNT, Finance and Law Enforcement departments are likely to be in good spirits. The ministry said that the emigrants are able to work in higher posts.

The move is to widen the issue of higher jobs like IT, accountants, finance jobs and advocacy. Noorah Al-Radeini, Director of Women’s Migration Project, said Saudi-Kuwaitis are capable of doing such jobs. It is part of creating employment opportunities for more people in private sectors. The project will be implemented in partnership with multinational companies and various Government Authorities. Data collection has already begun. The discussions have been held with the engineering council, the Saudi Bar Association and the Saudi Organization for Certified Public Accounts. The IT fair will be implemented in partnership with multinational companies like IBM, Huawei, and Amazon. Medical, Industrial, Engineering and Trading Consultancy, Tourism and other areas have also been initiated to promote Saudi domination.


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