In the desert a friend was raped and murdered:,Two expatriates arrested in Dubai


Dubai: Two men who were brutally assaulted and then assassinated by a friend in Dubai have been called into the desert desert. Two Pakistani nationals, aged 33 and 21, are the defendants. One of the main accused has not been arrested. The police found that they had sexually assaulted her before being assassinated. The murders had alleged that the images of some of the relatives of the main accused were released.

The murder took place near the site where a contractor’s staff was located in Jebel Ali. The accused made him a friend of the accused and wanted to kill him. The pittance was then called on March 4. In the deserted region, the sand was thrown into the neck and inserted sand into the mouth and later murdered. It has also been premeditated for sexual exploitation.

The man told him not to spread the pictures of the relatives of the accused but neither of them paid attention. After the murder, they robbed the mobile phone and the porser. The body was buried with sand and stones. According to police sources, the body of the victim was found on March 16. A great portion of the body parts were decomposed and depleted. At the end of the conclusion that the police had examined many possibilities, it was the killing and the main accused left the country. The friend then seized his friend.



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