Priya Warrier Trolls leave alone a new advertisement


KOCHI: Troll Warrants will not only keep up with the new advertisement of Priya Warrier, who is known for his bravery. Telugu advertising is a new opportunity for trolleys that have recently tweaked the tears of rains against Priya Warrier. Priya Warrier is playing the role of Telugu actress Akhil in a shopping mall advertisement.

Recently, the video of the tap of the advertisement is a heel of dislikes. Additionally, trolleys on social media pages are rising. Earlier, Priyadarshan had also won a few dislikes of Dear Adhar Lovely, Freak Penne.

12,000 people have unlocked 130000 people who have already downloaded a new song for the movie “Manakkalalere”. At the same time, we thank the film for the dislike of the film. Omar Lulu and his companions have been told by Facebook that they are thankful for responding to the song despite their dislike.

The song is also titled ‘First Time Is Boring, Nest Time Will Get Got the Filming’.

There were widespread attacks on social media against the beloved Warrior Warrior. Several trolles were also released against the Priya Warrier through social media. Priyanka said that the criticism of the film is not going to reveal the performance of the film.


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