Years of long legal battle ; The Saudi woman could not marry a person she loved


Riyadh: A Saudi woman in distress has been disappointed with the long legal battle for years to marry a loved one. Two years ago she wanted to marry a bank manager. But the family of the woman came in the way of disrupting their wishes. The reason for that was odd. That’s because I read a certain kind of musical instrument. That musical instance was read under religious law. None of those families will marry some of the provinces in Saudi Arabia. The same problem happened here too.

The woman approached the court seeking permission for marriage after her family opposed her. But the lower court dismissed the girl and stood by her family. The woman was waiting for the high court. The court has finally delivered the verdict after months of controversy. But that decision was against her. The court accepted the argument of the family of the victim’s family that the reader can not marry a reader.


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