Mandaram movie reviews


Love may be When studying in school, the girl in the classroom, while attending college, to the beauty of the group. It’s quite natural. To learn what I mean in the movie, you know the English literature. School children had a vision. Rajesh, the character of Asif Ali, is playing the role of a child in love.

Rajesh has been doing the same thing with the fact that he is not able to tell me the meaning of your love in the childhood. The relationship with the flower for the name of the movie ends where it begins.

Theup, the familiar word for today’s generation is Thenapu. The same thing agreed that Jayakrishnan in the pavana thumbs, Bhaskaran of the ducks, and the George in love love had been aware of it all the time. Charu (Anniversary Bollamma) is a college in Rajesh’s mentality after a few days of class study in engineering. Tea’s role is when you have a dream come true with friendship and love. If you are concerned about Malayalam cinema, there is nothing amazing.


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