The badge does not need to run small transport vehicles in the state


There is no need for a government badge from driving the small transport vehicles in the state. The State Transport Commissioner has issued a notice to all the RD Offices to implement the order of the state transport secretary. With the law becoming effective, no badge is required to run autorickshaw, taxi, mini-bus, large taxis and small tipper.


Badge was mandated to run all transport vehicles except private vehicles in Kerala. The Supreme Court had on June 3, But Kerala has not implemented a verdict in the hope that it will lose crores of rupees from Badj.

With the introduction of the new order, there is no need for a badge to drive buses, commodities, big buses, big tipers and airbases that weigh 7500 kg. Those who have been given license warrants to drive transport vehicles were paid more than three years of driving license renewal. Renewal fee was Rs. 450. A fine of Rs 1100 was delayed by one month.


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