Will the sleeping girl sleep in love? Her mother said …


Will the sleeping girl sleep in love? Big Boss fans are waiting for hope. Srinish was very busy with Bigg Boss who stayed for 100 days. There was a lot of doubts about whether this was a part of the gem. Penn and Sabu came to the Grand Fill. From the start to the end, the belt has got strong support from the audience. Fans who love each other at Big Boss are awaiting to see if they can get things out of marriage. In the meantime, they have been accused of being fake and a strategy to win. The two had earlier given the reply.


They both announced that love like the Big House House would be out. The only problem that both parties have from the first is the consent of their families. The main concerns shared by Penny and Srinish from home love were from the love affair. Bigg Boss and Srinivas also demanded the big boss of the actor Mohanlal.

But Pearl’s today’s Instagram post suggests Pearl’s mother agreed to the wedding. The lamp was posted with her mother. The pearl says her mother is her angel and her mother agreed. The fan told her that her mother agreed to the wedding. Many have commented on the greetings by both of them. I am very confident about the marriage with the girl. My assurance is that two homeowners will agree. Earlier, Srinish said, “We will talk to you and speak to them both.


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