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The third season of Tell Me The Answer program on Asianet channel will be released three days after Mukesh, the actress and MLA, Mukesh is the presenter of this program. The allegation against the idea of ​​survival as a means of survival could have come down to Mukesh. But casting director Tes Joseph alleged that Mukesh laughs. Asked whether he knew or did not remember Tess Joseph, he would go to the Supreme Court and whether he was sleeping for so long.
Tys Joseph is firm in the allegation against Twitter. Tess Joseph’s stand is that the allegation is not politicized and will not take legal action. She said she is trying to expose such people.


Tess said on Twitter: ‘This is a part of the moot to camp. It took 19 years to say this, but this is what happened. The incident occurred during the shooting of the Kodiswaran program in Chennai Lameridiyan. Malayali incarnator Mukesh called me many times to the room. In my next schedule, my room was transferred to his room. Then told me my head, now informed Derek O’Brien, the Trinamool Congress MP. He spoke to him for about an hour and then boarded me in the next flight. Thanks to my Savior Derrick at the age of 19.


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