Special oil to increase the color of the pregnant and infant baby


In the case of children, we need special care. The first consideration of the parents will also be children. Everybody is looking at the health and beauty of the baby before the baby is born. When the baby becomes intelligent, increase the color, and pregnant, the mothers feel like saffron.

The color of the baby depends on many factors. These include the parental color from the mother’s food. Many are looking for ways to increase the color of the baby, even when the baby is born. Do not use artificial ways. Because the skin of the baby is very sensitive. Thus, the use of synthetic substances will be harmful.


Oily massage is one that benefits both the health and the beauty of children and children. This can also increase the softness and color of your child’s skin. The best homemade cholesterol is the homemade oil. Good sweet oil is one of the best health benefits for your baby. A special oil helps to increase the color and beauty of infants and children. Know how to prepare it,

Steel coconut oil

Steel coconut oil is good and sweet coconut oil. Iron coconut oil or virgin coconut oil is very good. It’s better to prepare it at home itself. The skin is very good for the skin. It is good to give you healthy fats, which are monounsaturated fatty acids that give your skin color and shine.

Aloe vera, kasturi turmeric powder

aloe vera and kasturi turmeric are also used in this special coconut oil. Aloe vera has many health benefits. It contains antioxidants and vitamins that are good for health. Katar Banana is a good drug for many skin problems, not just for health but also for hair care and hair care. In Egyptian times it was one of the most commonly used skin and skin problems. Aloe vera is a good material that helps moisturize moisture. Katar Bless is a natural remedy to give your skin white. It has a small bleaching effect. It is not only good for the skin, but also to soften your skin and shave your skin.

Kasturi turmeric

kesture turmeric is effective in combating tastes of turmeric and charms. In traditional times, kesture turmeric can be used for adults and children. Kasturi Turmeric is a good remedy for all skin irritants and allergens.

Take some coconut oil.

If it does not use steel, it is better to use coconut oil. Take it in ample amounts and heat it in a low fire. Let’s heat it for about 20 minutes. It is heated for the draining of the water. Otherwise it will be harmful.


Aloe vera

slices down the almonds. It is better to cut it into thin pieces of thin layer. This is the best way to get jelly and other advantages in the oil. Cut it off coconut oil and boil for 40 minutes or less almonds on a low flame until it turns out to be a good brown color. Be careful about caring.

Buy this oil on this oil. Add some kustar turmeric powder and add some kasturi turmeric powder. 200 ml of coconut oil to add 1 teaspoon of kasturi turmeric. Do not add in good heat. But do not cool at the same time. Add the turmeric powder of turmeric powder. Pale yellow oil can be so cool as well as then put in the bottle.

Apply this oil on the body of the baby and rub the oil on the body of the child and massage it well. It can be applied on face and body. Do not put on head and grate. This is because the turmeric should be weeded. Keep this oil in your body at least 15 minutes. It can be applied for both children and infants.


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