Would you be able to charge your phone while sleeping? Notice this warning



Abu Dhabi Police Warns Against Mobile Phones The police said that the phone might be charged over the night and may result in fire. The police informed the crowd about the precautionary measures that took place in the wake of a fire that broke out at a house in Abu Dhabi last week.

Chargers also have modern smart phones and phones that charge the phone when it is charged and then charge more. But using the phone without proper charger can result in fire. Watt heaters need to turn off when using batteries that do a lot of power, such as the oven. If the gas cylinders are not used, keep them off, “said a local police spokesman.


Police have also suggested that in order to provide smoke sensors and fire alarms in homes, the authorities should inform the authorities as soon as possible. The accident occurred at the Bani Yas area of ​​Abu Dhabi due to an eight-person accident caused by an electric short circuit. In the living room of the house, the fire was initially flown at the point where the electricity connection was supplied. When smokers broke, everyone was dead. No one could escape because he was sleeping. UAE Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan and several others visited the families of the deceased. The authorities are making and promoting the video messages that make them aware.


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