Ten ways to remove the toxins from fruits and vegetables


Nutrient fruits and vegetables are a dream of today. No matter how much bio-diversity you are, you can not believe anything like vegetables made out of your own home. Many fruits and vegetables in the market are not the chemicals that are added to them. But in the fruits and vegetables we can avoid a certain amount of toxicity. Here are some ways.


1. If you wash your vegetables and fruits in cool water, you can get rid of the colored skin and clean skin.

2. For some time, vegetables and fruits can be salted with saline oils, bacteria and pesticides. Salinity has the potential to destroy bacteria.

3. The skin on the skin of the fruits and vegetables adds more waste, atoms and chemicals. Therefore, if you cut the skin, you can get rid of toxic substances.

4. After boiling water well, add fruits and vegetables in them for 15 seconds to a minute and place them in cold water. This will help to eliminate waste and disinfectants.

5. Wash with lemon juice or citric acid. Lemon juice is cut into half a citric acid water and cut into vegetables or fruits.

6. Many of the fruits that are purchased from the shops, especially Apple, have a wrapping cover. Going into it will hurt your body. Hence using a knife or nail should scrap it. Brushes may be available in the market.

7. Create a solution in our kitchen. A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda in water. Spray it in fruit or vegetables and wash it off after 8-10 minutes. Pesticides outside of them will be deleted.

8. Spreads available in shops. But it should be used only in moderation. Because its chemicals may be harmful.

9. From ancient times, the turmeric has been used for various medicines, including waste, toxic substances, and atoms. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder into water and soak the fruits and vegetables in it.

10.Add 2 percent vinegar mixed with 90 percent water and soak the fruits and vegetables for 15- 20 minutes. Wash thoroughly. Chemicals and atherosclerosis are limited to having a vinegar.


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