Kochi Metro Job Terminate transgender Ranju Mohan Say


KOZHIKODE: There is no other way to sell the body to sell , but the words of transgender Ranju Mohan, who are shattered in front of his life, are keen on the words .I am a chechi and aunion. They do not even search whether I am alive or dead. There is no one to feel the pain and comfort of one’s feelings at that time. The transgender termination of the social media was dismissed from work in Kochi Metro. There is no other way out of the street to sell the body, says Ranjith.

How much do you have … starving? That can not be left to fire. I’m a human being. For the sake of survival, They are my “gender” problem, which means they are decent work. I do not want to tell anyone who loves me, I do not get any chance at all, but there’s a lot of work opportunities. If nothing else goes, I’ll … do it very well. The body goes to the street to sell. I do not have to do any of these things and I’m going to have to go through that big hand and get hungry hungry.

I’m not in the office of the government which is under the haze, like me and my friends. I was only a contract staff in a company that was assigned a Metro ticketing job. Some have heard of transgender rights over transgender rights in the channel debate and press coverage. But it is not in our lives. We had two types for its officers.


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