Saudi Eastern Province Heavy Rain Is Coming


Last Saturday, climate change was in different parts of Saudi Arabia. But this report was in the beginning of the winter. In many parts of the Eastern Province, there was heavy rain and rain. It lasted early in the morning. In some places the rain continues. There was heavy rain in many parts of the city. Sometimes it is an ice year. Rainfall is possible in Mecca, Medina, Hail, Khaseem and Southwest. Thereafter, the Ministry of Civil Defense imposed mandated precautions and expelled from the flood-affected areas. The Appeals & Information Department has informed about the expiration date. However, authorities and cautious were alert. Riyadh has also warned that rain would continue in the last two days. Heavy rains last for the past two days. For some time, Vinila has been in the dry land for the past few weeks. The Riyadh Civil Defense Department has been ordered to take precautionary measures based on the warning that there will be heavy rains. Officials have suggested that avoid leakage in the monsoon season



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