This air breathe makes up to 15 cigarettes per day


Delhi’s air pollution is below the level of extreme atmospheric pressure and a man can relieve it. With Diwali and the harvesting season, Delhi will be completely overwhelmed. Every single man in Delhi pulls in and out of breath every single time, as much as the cigarette of 15 cigarettes. Central Pollution Control Board warns people not to get released. The condition of the parrotelate varicose that seriously affects the lungs is higher in Delhi than any other city in the world. The government said it would take a criminal case against the offending officials. “If complaints are filed about any kind of pollution, the agency concerned will be given two days time. The Pollution Control Board of the Central Board will take serious action if it fails to take action. On the fifth day, those who fail to face criminal proceedings will have to face “, Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Dr. Harshvardhan said. The ban is on November 10th. Every year, the situation is getting worse. Delhi is a warning. The other states will not be overly exhausted



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