supreme court allows sale and use of firecrackers with conditions

Residents burning crackers during Diwali Celebration in Sector 23 of Chandigarh on Thursday, October 19 2017. Express Photo by Sahil Walia

You can break the crackers knowing the rules

The Supreme Court has dismissed the demand for ban on sale of paddy in the country. The court has banned the sale of firecrackers through e-commerce sites. The apex court passed the order on a petition seeking to ban production and sale of firecrackers in the country as a way to control air pollution. Only the license holders can sell the firecrackers. The terms of the court are those which are meant to be sold and distributed in quantitative quantities. Fireworks can be used for celebrations including marriage. But on Diwali day, firecrackers can be used only from 8 pm to 10pm. Firecrackers can be used for Christmas New Year holidays from 11.30 pm to 12.30 pm. The court has also directed to take the permission from the Central Pollution Control Board for acquisition of firecrackers in Delhi. Earlier, fireworks had asked the court not to completely ban the construction and sale of firecrackers and instead set up strict regulations.






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