She is the first woman in India to be detective at the age of 22


Rajani Pandit is India’s first woman private detective. Rajini, who has been successful for eight years, has revealed how she has been detective and the case was investigated initially. Rajini has shared his experiences on the ‘Human’s of Bombay’ page. Rajinikanth shares his experiences in the Facebook case. Rajinikanth’s Facebook Post, which has received a lot of positive reviews, has shared over 1,000 views on a single day. There are too many comments. Rajani is now addressing lady Sherlock Holmes.

The first case is when I am a college student. At that time, I was working part-time for an office clerk. A woman working with me said about her theft in her house. They were suspicious of getting married nieves. But there was no evidence. And then I was given that inquiry task.

I was an eager person in everything. Since I was a CID, I studied all about the art of searching. I walked through that street and carefully observed everything. Finally, I discovered that their son was stolen. When he was questioned, he pleaded guilty. That’s how I start my job at the age of 22.


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