Now you can see 3d movies on mobile


Kochi 3D technology is being shifted to 3D with Hollywood movies. Besides, the mobile screen guard has also introduced the 3D experience on the mobile handset.

3D 3D Technologies is the first time in the world to see 3D images and videos in 3D without access to the 3D glasses. Managing director Anubh Sinha is the screenwriter named “Wow 3D”. The price of screen guard ranges between 2000 and 3600. And you also need to download WOW 3D. In the first phase, iPhones and later Android phones can use this screwdriver to view 3D images and videos.

Already a resident of Mumbai, Ray developed three technologies in Kochi five years ago. The UK-based Telecom Corporate Line Productions will feature WOW 3D. Wow three-sided screenwriter will be presented at the trailer releasing of Shankar Cinema 2.0.


Pulimurukan, Magadheera, Rudra, Deva, Rice and Pisa are all set to change their lives. In the meantime, the Wow Triad Screen Guard was awarded with the Technology Award of the Advanced Imaging Society in Hollywood. This is the only initiative of India in the field of society. Anuban Sinha is preparing for new experiments in virtual reality and holography.


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