The employer who has the passport of the worker in Saudi has been sentenced to 15 years in jail


Good news for foreign workers in Saudi Arabia The Saudi Public Prosecution warns a strong warning to the employer who owns the passport of foreign workers.

Those sentenced to 15 years imprisonment and 1 million riyal are fines.

The Saudi Public Prosecution’s assessment is that holding the passport of the worker is equal to human welfare.

The Saudi Public Prosecution has stated that such passports are meant to be considered a criminal offense of human trafficking in order to force, threaten, control, exploit the worker.

The Public Prosecution is now the most important assessment of Saudi Arabia’s face:

The Saudi Ministry of Labor has warned earlier that it would be fined if this was done by the Public Prosecution, and it is the first warning of a strong punishment and a giant fine.

Sponsors have been handed over lakhs of passports with the purpose of stopping the workers.


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