going to shabarimala . Period Days All. say Parvathy


is an actress who feels she is very good and does not seem to face her face. Parvathy also said that the verdict of the Supreme Court in Shabarimala is firm and that he is supporting it. Parvathy said in a interview to a national media that she does not believe she is molested by mourning.



Discrimination against women on menstruation can not be continued at all. The thought that if the men who have a menstrual period are overturned may be annoying for a long time. The spread of menstruation are trapped in the tendencies of men domination. I will be crucified for this comment, but if you want to go to temples in the days of menstruation, I will go away, “said Parvati. Mobutty made a controversial comment on the controversial claim that Mammootty presented an anti-woman character in Parvathy Kasaba, a member of the WCC


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