Srakar Tamil filim First song is Out Watch this video


As I was in the AR Murugadoss – Vijay movie, he brought me to the first show as well as any of the viewers, watching Vijay-Murugadoss’s knife and Thuppaki in the first show.

Interestingly, the film began to enter the mass in 5 minutes, as the regular shakes the theater … and forgot to forward the vote on the politics of the film, the name of the main prameyam.kearpparerr criminal ennariyapetunna Vijay (Tamil Nadu character) to come to India for the vote, but the vote was the vote that his film was a false ennariyukayum Based on this understanding of the problems of the poor in the regular lead role of the film with a Savior has been deleted again if malpractices in politics to mold a new government, in short



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