Fans are saying that they have dishonored Hindu culture


Shahid Kapoor and Mir Rajput are the romantic pairs of Bollywood. Happy festivities are shared in social media with all the festivities. Most of the actresses of Bollywood have shared pictures of Diwali. Now, Shahid Kapoor and Mir Rajput have been criticized for sharing pictures of celebrations. Miranda shared pictures of celebrating Diwali on the last day. Mira shared the picture with Shahid, who kisses her lips.

The moral criticism of the film is intensifying. The actors are buying trolleys at the name of the movie. Some are trying to find morality in the film, some of them claim that Mira is doing all this to get the attention. Even those who call the victims are insufficient for humiliating Indian culture.

Their findings showed that they replaced love moments with the Hindu dignity instead of celebrating Diwali. They say that this is part of their lives and culture, not the way they wish. There are those who wish to study Virat and Anushka with great greetings for Diwali.


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