Nithya menon faced mee too problem


KOCHI: Everlasting Menon said that he is against opposing sex crimes against women and outside. They also show that I like to fight quietly but not part of organized struggles.

In an interview, when the actress was attacked from the Malayalam cinema and when her colleagues formed a fellowship, she was replying to the question that she never felt ever to be part of it.

“The problem faced by people is completely understood. It’s kind of defensive. It does not mean that it does not defend itself or is not against such defenses. I do too, but the method is different. My job is to believe it’s a way of prevention. The way it works, the way things approach people, the way people work with movies and the movies can give a strong message. Like everyone else, I have my own perspective. But I’d like to do it right. I do not think others make mistakes or be part of me, it’s part of me. It’s just that I have a way to deal with these things. Says eternity.

Of course, I asked if I was going to get out of the set if someone walked badly or talked with sexy feet. “I have silently done it. We have never told a picture of this kind of experience. ” Eternal.

Jayalalithaa’s biopic is a very heavy character. I felt excited when the director told Priyadarshini about the character. Priyadarshini is a well-focused movie. I told Priyadarshini that when we make a biopic we can ensure that the character is completely justified. They are confident. I am looking forward to that. It is the character that explores the actress in me “.


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