She has to stay safe for women alone,


In our country, it is difficult for women to travel at night and stay single. Women’s safety is one of the most important activities of our time. Thrissur Corporation is now set up to provide safe accommodation for women in Thrissur.

This new initiative is called Shee Lodge. Shel Lodge, who works in Thrissur Ayyantol Panchkula Irrigation, would be able to live up to 50 people at the same time. The two floors of the three-story building are in the upper floors. There are single rooms with lodging single rooms and more than ten people. There are also facilities for drying sheets at the top of the lodge.

The facilities include accommodation facilities, kitchen, dining hall and office. CCTV cameras have been installed here as part of security. In the city of Thrissur, the complaint was heard for a long time without women being safe to bear.

Pookunnath Kudumbasree has a system but it works in rented accommodation. The next Mahila mandiram is located 6 km from the Ramavarmapuram. Rooms are rented and decorated. This is because the council needs approval. The facility will be booked once the charges are announced. You can book rooms in advance before you can travel.

In the second phase, women drivers will be provided with autorickshaws from the Railway Station, KSRTC Bus Stand and the Sheep Lodge. This lodge is very useful and safe for one day to come for PSC exams, those who work for work and for various trainings. Sahitya Akademi etc are also situated here.


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