There was no other way before that than a suicide. The painful story of our favorite ‘Theppukari’


A few days ago, the Malayalees were a lady. Now, the mini-screen that has been cheated by families. ‘Thappu’ is the character of the movie ‘Kattapana hrithikrishnan’ in the superhit movie of the movie. Even though Mammootty described Swavika as a ‘Tepekari’ for a television program, In the mini screen, we came to seek the forgiveness from us. Thepalakari in the film became a favorite of family meetings. There is a sorrow time hidden in the corner of the Swasika minds, even when the career is trampled with success with the new experiments in the series. The end of the pain that finally came to cater to the death of the cinema, and finally everything was ready. Before the star breaks a lady who has followed her likes, she shares the story of Swarika with the lady who is not telling anyone about the crash.

” Cinematography was a goal. She wanted to act as a big actress. The film is full of dreams and its colors. He came to the movies during his studies. The first was in Tamil. In the movie ‘Vaigai’, the movie is available in a magazine. It was with the new director and the hero. The film garnered good success. She later made three Tamil films. All were remarkable opportunities. Still somewhere. There were not enough opportunities. Sometimes it’s unfortunate, not known.

The hopes have collapsed. That too is the heroine. Then the swimmer thought that the bride would be climbing. But nothing happened as you thought. In the mean time, there were some great opportunities in Malayalam. Prabhas’ s children, Abu and I have played good roles. Movies are also remarkable. But here too we are not looking for good opportunities. For the next three years, I never got a good movie. Then I was on the verge of depression. Without feeling nothing in my life, I felt the feeling of being gone.

Cinema was my favorite. That’s why he even abandoned his studies and started acting. But it can not be anything. It was no longer interested in living. The feeling of death will be gripped. I thought about what’s the way to die soon. It would seem like a car would come out tomorrow. Friends are busy in learning. Some are going to work. I’m just saying ‘Cinema … Cinema’. The morning walk was to wake up at home in the morning.

The disappointment of despair. And the question of what people are saying. “There was no need. The housekeeper started telling me that it was enough to study. Hooray around. Nobody can see it. After a phase this is not enough, I think I should do something. Meditation – the yoga class started to go. Regularly returning to normal life. Those three years we will say. At that time, ‘Mazhavil Manoram’ calls to the serial ‘Duttputri’. There was nothing waiting for three years. I do not know where to go. So the serial was selected. It’s the serial only after that. After a long gap, ‘Hrithik Roshan in Kattapana’ and ‘golden tiger’ made. I am happy now. Getting better opportunities, living as you want. ‘- The life story that succeeds the serial is the happiness and the confidence in the voice of the lover.

It is not true that the movie has completely shifted to the serial. I’m still working. The actors in me were identified by the serial. The mini-screen is also got a place for me. Still, I like to get into the ‘magical world’ of the film as well. Its foot is serial and angry.

In young people I was noticed by the name ‘Theapukari’ and the character. It’s so happy. No one is saying about the character ‘Ayyye’ about that character. But we still want to introduce some other characters from that image and make it challenging. Even Mammukka has identified me in a program called ‘Theapukari’. That’s because the character is smaller and it is not. Many will ask if you’re sad to be marked like that. But till then, I do not get it. But sometimes it will not do if there is a similar character. Because the type of cast will be. Or it should be a big film and opportunity.

It is a shock to me that Malayalee audiences have never seen me in such an office. See me more in personal life than in personal movies, even in serials and movies. That might be a miracle when I saw such a photograph in me. But I did not feel that big. It was deliberate for a maker.

The house is in Muvattupuzha. His father Vijaya Kumar, mother Girija and brother Aakash. The school and the college were clean. My real name is Pooja Vijay. She played the Tamil actor in the movie Swasika Vijay. Now, a ‘Police Officer’s character’ is presented in ‘Sootraman’. The film also features good character in ‘Golden Fish’.


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