Actress Neha getting a night in Dubai? The actress was giving her a knee to her question


The guy in the Gulf talked badly about the PR manager of the actress. He wanted Neha to get a night in Dubai. The actress has said that she has to identify herself with the screen shot and reveal that they are getting married.

Neha Saxena is an Indian actress who has taken care of South Indian films. Neha’s career began with Tulu. She later acted in several languages ​​like Kannada, Tamil, Hindi and so on. Neha’s performance in Mohanlal’s Vazhavilli in Malayalam and Mammootty’s Kasaba was impressive. Neha had acted in the movie Surya’s Priyasakhi. His last film came in the theatrical run by Biju Menon.

The young man in the Gulf talked poorly about Neha’s PR manager via Watsap. He asked for a night in Dubai. If so, tell me the message. Neha made this screen shot. My friends in UAE must identify him. The actress says that such people should be punished.

Neha also wanted his family to understand the behavior of women. His phone is now off. He lives with his family. And they believe that someone has hacked their son’s phone. He is saying that someone’s phone was hacked. If that was the case, why did that number block when my PR Manager’s message came up?

After this event, you could not call it to apologize or send a map. So Neha left his information in the media. He is trying to escape saying that he hacked the phone now. People like this are disgrace for society too. Neha also reveals that he will not pacify him without writing the memento from his hand.

The actress has posted on her Facebook page and has been protesting against her. Eight sales have been purchased in the past due to the comments made by other youths through social media. Maybe abandonment of jobs abroad. With the news of trying to dishonor Neha, the young man has to face such legal action. Because of the big protest in social media.


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