In the next two days, the woman who made 13,000 crore


Yang Hoon. It is Chinese. To be precise, the super billion dollar in China. The business woman shocked the world by adding Rs 13,000 crore into two divisions. If this condition continues then it will surpass 36-year-old Jeff Bezos, the founder of the world’s biggest billionaire and Amazon founder.

Young is vice-chairman of Country Realty Company, Country Gardens, China. Their wealth accumulated a huge sum of money last week. Within two days more than $ 2.1 billion. About Rs 13,344 crore. Young’s wealth was $ 25.6 billion as of January 5, At that time, the fifth largest in the world.

But by the end of this week the situation has changed again. China, the youngest billionaires in China, gained $ 6.1 billion in seven days. Rs. 38,762 crore. All rights reserved. Kandi Gardhan, the largest real estate company in China, has increased the share price. With the launch of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, Pattom Young was the richest man this year. Bezos added $ 6.6 billion to his fortune. Yang grossed $ 6.1 billion to $ 29.7 billion.


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