The tragedy happened in the life of a young woman, Shobha


Sobha Saju, who has been in the forefront of the movie, has been in the forefront of the movie Manorama News. My words were stumbled, I was sad, but bold enough I should not hide my face. The video was announced in a firm voice that it would fight for children. Within two and a half years, that housewife came back to the camera again, with the news of that life struggle. Her husband proved wrong with forensic examination of the allegation that she had spread her naked eye.

“I knew a photo was being shared by all of them in the office. I was not going to go to all of them, that’s why the police complained. The cyber cell examination revealed that it was not a photo, but a scene. They said it was someone else’s. But I could see those visuals directly.


Cyber ​​cell official told her to come to her husband. Her husband replied that day that she would take up the case. “Two years ago she was shouting at the scene of the Manorama News program. Even her husband, who was obliged to protect, even sought legal advice. It was fighting to prove that I was not. Many have looked misunderstanding. If you go to the church, you will come home soon. No matter how the society looks, it is not their children who are the mother of their mother. That was the need.


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