No one asks Aadhaar for one; A burden of Rs 1 crore would be fine and 10 years imprisonment


The decision taken by Aadhaar for anything has created a lot of headache for the public. The crisis of the Adjoining crisis ends with controversy and criticism. Aadhar is no longer necessary for anything. No one will insist on Aadhaar as a proof of identity. The Central Cabinet has approved the amendment made to the Aadhaar for all things, including mobile phone services, bank accounts, school admission, etc.

The Union Ministry has approved an amendment to get 1 crore rupees fine and 3 to 10 years imprisonment for companies compelled to produce Aadhaar. Under this, all Aadhar clauses have been removed in all subjects affecting the general public. At the same time, people can volunteer to produce Aadhaar identity. Aadhaar will have to pay 3 years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 10,000 without the customer’s consent. The government is trying to protect the privacy of the people through the amendment.


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