Thilakan suffered a lot of trouble; Sowing; Vinayan against Amma


Kochi: Director Vinayan has come up with his experiences in his mother’s disappearance and in the mood of the protests. Vinayan says that all the things that are happening in the mother are open and they are all alone. Now the largest proof of sowing is sowing. Thilakan and I have a lot of trouble with this team and super stars. At that time, when I said things open, I was alerted to myself, and I was left alone, “says Vinayan. Even the right to occupy my profession has been lifted. He said that all people are from me.

Vinayan says that he sees himself and rewards himself. Like the curse of Yadav, they are all together falling apart. Is not Siddiq’s news event and then a statement made by Siddique? Does he think that the people do not understand all this?

  • How many people lost their chance. Directly and indirectly forbidden by many. Did not heal. Mohanlal is in charge of the film. He does not have to look at anyone’s face. He can look after everything. Vinayan said that he would watch if he would do it.


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