Went to the shop to buy curtain, returned to the entrepreneur; Interesting story of Trisha


It is noteworthy that if you have heard about buying a shop and buying a shop, it’s correct for the Indian-origin Indian-origin descent in the US. About four years ago, Trisha went to shop to buy her cousin for her home in the US.

The trick of cartoons The cost is very high. Some are priced at Rs 10,000. Trisha came back from the shop and called her family members in India. They went to shops in Kolkata and Delhi and drove the price of the cloth. It was then that the price difference between the US and India came to light.

What is happening is that these curtain cloths come from India. But when they go through the hands of many merchants, they price double. It is the brainchild of Burn & Wilco who created the curtains for their own designs.

Did Trisha do anything to make her business profitable? Cotton cloths were purchased directly from a factory in Tamil Nadu. Buy good quality fibers from a factory in Belgium. A suitcase was made in a factory in Delhi.

They boarded the ship and brought it to California. From there we brought it to the demands of the US. Though it may seem daunting to hear the incident. The triumph came in triumph with the triumph.

In December 2014, Barn and Wilco received an order for the first time. Now the company has passed four years. It generates more than $ 50,000 a month. Every month the company is growing. Trisha is the success of the entrepreneur in the company of over 125,000 investments.


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