Resort executive killed in Kalpetta The figure is on the net


Wayanad: Operator inside the Kalpetta resort was brutally assaulted. The Vasant Samuel (52), a native of Sulthanbatheri Malawiyal, was killed in the beach at Kalpetta near Vispooring Woods resort. Meanwhile, the main accused is in custody. On Thursday night, the probe was going on around the people who were surrounded by Nebu’s men.

It is believed that the murder took place midnight on Thursday. Nebu, the best entrepreneur in Wayanad’s tourism industry, has wife and two daughters.

The body was found in a resort where the body was drowned in a resort. Near the dining room, the blood on the pillars and the road on the resort’s board had fallen. The sheet of blood is made within the building. Nebu had a relationship with a teacher at Kalpetta and that the husband’s friend and friend were murdered.

The teacher’s husband’s friend has been injured in the medical examination of the Kozhikode police. It is believed that he was injured in the scene. Nebu is hiring resorts and tourist homes in many places.


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