These are the products that are cheaper


The 31st meeting of GST reduced tax on 40 products. Of the total number of products sold at 18 per cent slab, 12 per cent were distributed, 5 per cent tax slab and 28 per cent slabs were made to 18 per cent slab. The decision was taken at the 31st GSTC Council meeting chaired by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Price drop

1. The wheel chair’s tax will be 5% to 28%

2. Tax on 32 inch monitors and TVs reduced from 28 percent to 18 percent.

3. The movie ticket for Rs 100 has been reduced from 28 per cent to 12 per cent. 4. The movie ticket from Rs. 100 to Rs. 18 per cent.

5. Third party reduced tax on insurance to 12 per cent.

6. Travel on the economy class in a special flight for religious ceremonies reduced taxes to 5 percent and business class to 12 percent.

7. GST of solar plants has been reduced to 5%.

8. 28 per cent slabs are the most luxurious products available.

9. Patches and cimmings of vehicles have not been transferred from slabs to 28 per cent.

10. AC and dish washer will also continue to slash 28 percent.

11. Janshan withdrew account holders from tax.

Three of the 18% slab included 12% of the products and one 5% slab.



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