Tourist places in and around Thrissur


Thrissur is also known as the cultural capital of the Indian state of Kerala. Tourist places in and around Thrissur Do you know which of the best places to visit in one day from Thrissur? If there is confusion, we’ll give you some things.

1. Nelliyampathy is a beautiful hill station in the Palakkad district, which is the neighboring district of Nelliyampathy – Thrissur. It is located at a distance of 75 km from Thrissur. You can also come here in your own vehicles and KSRTC buses. From KSU bus stand to Thrissur, Nelliyampathy is about 12.55 noon. But one day the full engine will go to Palakkad in the early morning and get on the bus. To know the bus times: The general mode of transportation is the jeeps of the Nelliyampathi hills. Vegetables and groceries are brought from Nemmara to jeeps to Nelliampathi. The Pothundi Dam is located on the way to Nelliampathy.

Athirapally: Athirappilly is a tourist hub of the eastern boundary of Thrissur district. The major attractions include Athirapilly – Vazhachal Waterfalls, Thumpurmuzhy, Ettattukhamam Nature Ranges, and Silver Storm and Dream World. Traveling through the middle of the forest is very pleasant. You can also go to the Malakappara border. Bus service is also available on E route. For timetable visit You can have a trip to beat and watch for a day.

Beaches: One can spend a day in the beach from the city of Thrissur. Cherai in Ernakulam district, Azhikode near Kodungallur, Snehthiram near Thrissur and Chavakkadu near Guruvayur beach. The best beach is Cherai and love.

4. Cochin City Travel: If you intend to take a stranger city trip as a family, go straight to Ernakulam. You can go by bus or car. If in the car, the car would be parked somewhere in Aluva and then going to Metro. At the bus stop, you can go to Aluva and go to the Metro. Metro journey, Kochikayil boat boat (one can only have a government boat and only four rupees). You can go to Fort Kochi. Finally, we go to Lulu Mall and go back to Thrissur. It will be a very cost-effective trip.

There are so many places in Thrissur and nearby areas that you can take a day. Everybody has the comfort – safe traveling wishes.


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