The Divya’s husband, Praveen, was killed in the accident in Ras Al Khaimah.


Two lakh dirhams were implicated in the death of Veena Praveen, a resident of Kasaragod in the UAE. Praveen, who was in police custody for four hours, was released by friends and relatives.

The dacrifying dose to be paid to the dependents and rights of the deceased is Dh 500,000. This amount is about Rs 38 lakh. The body was taken to Kozhikode airport by the Air India Express flight which left at 2 am this morning.

In addition to Dh2,000, Dhoni has also been fined Dharma 2500. Praveen’s wife Divya (25) died at Ottapalam in Ottapalam on Sunday at a car accident in Rasal Khaimah area of Ras Al Khaimah. The accident occurred when the car traveled between Praveen and Divya and a two-year-old son.

Praveen is an employee of Hutchison Company in Crane Rack Coeurware Port. Praveen was driving the car. The accident happened while returning to Sharjah to celebrate the holiday. The accident occurred around 1.45 am.

Praveen confessed to the police that he was sleeping while driving. At the same time, the attorney general ordered to deposit 2 lakh dirham ‘chapapanam’ in court.

Praveen was in police custody for four hours after the accident. The police released Praveen after the payment. The car was rammed into a lighthouse. Divya was seriously injured and brought to hospital but died. Her husband Praveen and his two-year-old son went home.

Divya was sitting in the front seat. They went to Sharjah to celebrate the Thiruvathira in Dhoommuma. Divya was also present at Tiruvatha. Divya is the daughter of Bhakthiri and Jalaja.


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