The French citizen’s barrel went on to overcome the Atlantic Ocean


French citizen’s barrel journey began to overtake the Atlantic Ocean. Jean-Jacques Savin, a 71-year-old man, The journey begins in Canary Islands, Spain, and ends in the Caribbean for three months. The cruise line is made up of jet lanes in the barrel shape, kitchen and food storage facilities.

Former military paratrooper Savon Park Ranger and Pilot have also done similar jobs. The Pavilion Barrier is a 4500 km away journey. The barrel has a length of three meters and a diameter of 2.10 m. Barrels are made from plywood. The construction of barrels in the form of capsule is adequate to overcome the waves and to protect the orca whales and the attacks.

Savandon collected $ 68,000 needed for travel from the public. “The weather is in positive condition and we are on a three-speed hike in three-tier waves,” he said in a telephone interview given to AFP.


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