We have started a mall operation; Profit for all philanthropic activities


* MA Yusuffali submitted to the charity and community for charity activities

* Natika Panchayath to the tune of `25 lakh per year

* For Rs. 19 lakh every year for mosques and temples

Lulu Express is the main attraction

NEW DELHI: The Rs. 250 crore expense of the Lulu Group chairman MA Yusuf Ali has been donated to the country’s wool Mall. MA Yusuf Ali’s granddaughter Ayya Ali inaugurated the event. Around 4.5 acres of land at the Thriprayar center with 2.5 lakh sq.ft area and a 4.5 acre site is being handed over to the philanthropic activities of the WiFi Foundation, MA Yousaf Ali said.

Whys ownership will be Wi-trust. Profits from the WiMAX will be utilized for various charity activities under the WI Foundation. Natika Juma Masjid, Nattika Arikiri Bhagavathy Temple, Thripprayar Sreeramaswamy Temple and Thriprayar St.Judu Mosque are some of the major benefits to this year. Rs 10 lakh for Nattika Church, 5 lakh for Thriprayar Sreeramma Temple, 2 Natakari Areekari Temple and two lakh for Triprayar St.Jud’s Church every year. Yusuffali said in addition to other services offered by the WI Foundation.

Whatever the shopping, dining and entertainment experience of everyone in Thripprayar and adjoining areas, The Wi Mall is located at a distance between all major cities like Ernakulam, Calicut and Thrissur.

Lulu’s main attraction is the Lulu Express Fresh Market which offers everything needed for food items, groceries, ready to eat food, mobile, electronics and home decker.

Over 40 major international, national and Malay brands across various categories such as watches, fancyware, mensvismeskidsfashion, inner ware, denims and casuals, accessories, iWare, mobile, electronics, books / gifters / toys, beauty and wellness, bags etc. Complete It will burn. Apart from the first TOSHR showrooms in Kerala, 1946, Baby Care, Label M, MEG, Jockey, Vismay, Rangle, Silkon, Lenses and Fears, Arabian Souk, WCDI, BlackBerrys Cashwell, Ajmal Perfumes, La Femi, Blossom, American Tourer, Super 99 and Lulu Forex are also part of Wi-mas. Cafe Coffee Day Ground F Ananda Bhavan in Chennai working phlearilum earilum sec.

In a 225-seat food court, a number of tasting out lounge features are offered, including Bakinin Robbins, Chiking, Burger Hub, Fujian Express, Dosa Tawa, Tea Stop, Pulp Factory and Chak De. Here you can enjoy a wide range of Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, Burgess, Fries, Arabic, Juice and Ice Cream.

Bank of Baroda and Salon services will start functioning in less than two months. Sparkess, a half-way entertainment zone in the third floor, is another major attraction. Various rides are organized here including video games, a bumpy car, a carousel ride, a soft play area and a lot of rides for children. In addition to parking in the basement, Wi-mall is also an open parking area that can park up to 800 vehicles.

Prart’thanamuri, phidinn room, parking and member parimitarkkayulla separate wash room, separate parking and garbhinikalkkayulla, bug umbrella helmet, park facilities, ambulance, ATM, Money Exchange, Wi mall and together with all the facilities for a comfortable Triprayar parisaravasikalkkum trprayarilute katannupeakunnavarkkum Aya nis’sansayaman is to become a destination.


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