Never weighs:A unified way to bring the body from the Gulf countries is AirAndia



DUBAI: Air India has decided to suspend the corpse from the Gulf region by deciding the fare hike. Air India has accepted the need for expatriate expatriates as a unified rate. The Dh220 is now charged to bring the body to India. Meanwhile, children below the age of 12 will be given 50% discount on the transportation of the body. Charges for charging a child’s body is Dh250.

Air India will charge a range from all Gulf countries, “the official said. 160 Oman Riyal from Oman, 175 Dinars in Kuwait, 2200 Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and 225 Dear in Bahrain and 2200 Riyadh in Qatar.

For years, it was necessary to hang up the body and determine the cost of the kilogram as an insult to the expatriates.


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