1788 rooms, 257 bathroom, everything is made of gold.


1788 rooms, 257 bathroom, everything is made of gold.


If this is the last word in the end of the night, it is this. Because it is made of gold or toilet and is made up of gold and toilets.

1788 rooms, 257 bathroom, everything is made of gold; Brunai is the world’s biggest house. No matter how much we hear of luxury homes, we are surprised by the ordinary people. But if the King of Brunei heard the royal palace of Hacalal Bolkene, in fact nobody in astonishment.

This is the world’s largest house in the homes built for a family. This house has 1788 rooms. The palace is better than the home. The luxury luxury lounges, including the 257 bathrooms, 110 car garages and five swimming pools, besides the 1788 rooms. This house will be able to accommodate 1500 people. The value of the Istana Nuroul Imman palace with an area of ​​2152,782 square feet in 48 acres is worth $ 1.4 billion.

The Prime Minister, who is the Prime Minister of Brunei who deals with the finance, defense and foreign departments, has over five thousand cars. 604 Rolls Royce, 500 Benz, 209BMW, 452 Ferrari, 350 Bentley, 179 Jaguar, 21 Lamborghini. Collection of cars of the king.

Brunei King’s car is already filled with news. The King has a $ 220 million private aircraft. The private jet flight has a fully furnished room with a fully furnished room with a living room, conference room, bedroom and bathroom.

Haskal Bolkeeni king does not cut luxury even in monthly hair cutting. $ 21,000 is spent on hair cutting. The gift of the King Jackson to Brunei in the 50th birthday was Rs 109 crore Indian. The king’s brother costs $ 47,000 a day.

This is not a luxury but sophisticated social service. Brunei provides free study, shelter and health care for the students. Police also have Medicare insurance. There are about 12,000 pension payments per month for the older persons

Some time ago Sultan’s daughter’s marriage was happening here. The exterior of the palace was obtained on the exterior of the palace. The house with such facilities is also priced at the price of gold. $ 1.4 billion That is Rs 8964 crores. There is no tax in here, no cellax or no selling here. In Brunei, only 4,23,196 people have a per capita income of $ 83,250.

Brunei is the smallest island in the north east of the island of Borneo, on the north-east and three by the Malaysian state of Sarah. If our Kozhikode and Malappuram districts are added, they will understand the size of the country.

But the population is only 16 in these two districts. The area is 5,795 square kilometers. It is just a quarter of a lakh population and lives on this beautiful coast. Indonesia has three-quarters of the island of Borneo. And a part of Malaysia. Brunei’s share on the island is only one per cent.

This nation is happy and peaceful in a rich country. Brunei’s economic power from the poorer region became an oil miner in 1929. By the end of the 20th century, Brunei was one of the world’s best standard of living in the world when oil and natural gas subsided and independence from Britain in 1984.

‘Istana Nurul Iman’ was also the palace of the Prime Minister’s Office. The public will be allowed to enter the palace for three days in connection with EidFalifter. There is a custom that gives royal food and gifts to children.


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