Deepika Padukone tries to get rid of acid attack


Lakshmi Aggarwal’s life becomes a film in the age of 15. Deepika Padukone will be playing the female lead in the movie directed by Meghna Gulzar. Deepika is the producer of the film, which deals with acid attack, legal battle, and subsequent social life. Deepika is going to act in Meghna Gulzal’s film based on the life of Lakshmi Agarwal who survived the acid attack. Deepika is the producer of the film.

Deepika Ranjith

When I heard about the film, my heart touched my heart. This is not just a story of intimidation. It’s about the victory of courage, power and hope. In both personal and creative ways, it made a bad impact. The idea of ​​making the film more intentional is the fact that the film is about to be made. The final film of Meghana Gulzar was Aliya Bhatt starrer Razi. Meghana believes Lakshmi’s story will help create awareness in society.

We are trying to get a message through the life story of Lakshmi. Acceptance should be made on how much acid attacks are. That is the first step towards change. Deepika is the best suited lady in the picture. I believe that Deepika will be able to maintain a hundred percent justice to this character. She also remembers Lakshmi, who is also physically fit. Deepika is very grateful for her decision to do this while listening to the story. Yes, she gave me more courage, Meghna said.


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