Are the earliest users of the earpiece?


The habit of those who listen to the earliest use of earphones is coming today. Frequently using earphones may hurt an ear. Doctors say they have to give their ears a rest for five minutes after listening for a 10 minute song. Listen to the song without the earpiece of the earliest. Or gradually affect hearing.

It can only be used on the earphone for one hour per day. Due to the use of the earphones, blood pressure will reduce blood pressure and increase blood pressure. Doctors say fluid-induced menstrual syndrome in the ear is more likely to cause headache. Dizziness will increase the acidity of the body. Diabetic patients may be overwhelmed with blood sugar levels.

Dissatisfaction decreases concentration. Children are more affected by this. These warnings are from the medical doctors of the Indian Medical Association, National Initiative for Safe Sound (IMA NIS). Pregnant women should never listen to the song phone. The baby is doing more harm.


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